14 december 2010

Today // Some Sequin

Today I'm wearing something simple, I must study all day, so don't have to dress up :). I found this sweater somewhere in the back of my closet. I totally forgat that I had this sweater. The sweater is from the H&M collection of last year. And I still think it's a very cute sweater. In addition, it's a comfortable sweater too. So ideal for a cold study day. Wearing it with my black skirt from New Yorker and some thermal leggings from Action.

xoxo irene

11 opmerkingen:

  1. I love it!! It looks comfy, warm and very chic at the same time!! Plus I love all that glitters!!


  2. even simple looks beautiful on you my dear!

  3. T-shirt is perfect! Wow! :) Very nice! :)

  4. Heel mooi hoor! Echt alles staatje leuk!

    Love Cindy,

  5. Me too I have this sweater and still love it!

  6. I have this in cream!
    wish i saw it in black though, its lovely :)

    http://glitterbomber.blogspot.com/ xxxx