31 januari 2011

Today// New Nailcolor

I bought this one at DA (dutch store), I got it for only 2 euros I think. I love the dark/metallicglitter color of it, but I think i'm going to buy a black nail polish to put it under this color for a darker effect.

Did you all have a good weekend? Mine was good, but a bit weird. Friday I had this goodbye party of my boyfriend, which was great fun, and Saturday I had a double date, with my boyfriend, an old girlfriend of mine and my boyfriends best friend. We went to love and other drugs, which was a nice/romantic/hot/cute movie. But the sad part started yesterday, when I had to go to Schiphol to say goodbye to my boyfriend, who is now in Costa Rica for over 3 months. This is by far the longest period of not seeing him in six years! So it's gonna be tough. (I mean realll tough) I hope that I can visit him there, but I still don't know if I can skip a view lectures with out getting myself in (big) problems... So we will see.. I keep you updated ;).

Hope you had a nice weekend!
xoxo irene

30 januari 2011

Inspiration // Hands

I found myself having way too little rings. So I looked all over eBay, and have bought some nice cheap rings, which will hopefully arive soon. I also bought a new nail color, which I will show you tomorrow. These pictures were a big inspiration for me on chosing the nailcolor and finding some pretty rings. Hope you like them!
xoxo irene

Sources// all found on tumblr, if these are yours please tell, I will put credits at the pictures.

28 januari 2011

Today // Leopard Clutch!

How perfect could a clutch be? Most of you were right, the leopard pattern was this gorgeous clutch! The only thing missing in this clutch is a Ipad, which I really want to have (but still is a little bit to expensive for me). It looks like this bag consist of 2 bags, but the two bags are sticked to each other (that's why it is called the Siamese clutch I think). I found this one on eBay, it's a great look-a-like of the real Alexander Wang Siamese clutch. I combined it with my new topshop blouse, and my leather look skinny and my ankle boots from H&M.
That's it for today :)! Hope you like my new clutch :).
xoxo irene

27 januari 2011

Random Inspiration

Just some random inspiration I wanted to share with you :)!
xoxo irene

ps. found these pictures random spread on the web, so if these pictures are yours, please tell! So I can put some credits at the pictures. :)

26 januari 2011

Today // Nothing special.

Yeaahh exams is finally over!! FREEDOM! And my happiness became even bigger when finally(!) a package arrived with something I ordered a while a go! And I give you a little preview on what it is (see picture on the right). Can you guess what it is?

My todays outfit is nothing special. Wearing my new blouse from H&M (with some nice lace detail) and a simple jeans with wedges.
Now I'm gonna enjoy my boyfriend for the few 4 days that he's in holland, an will post the answer soon ;). Good luck guessing!

xoxo irenee

24 januari 2011

Today // Wishing For Spring

They say January is the most depressive month of the year. Well unfortunately, this also applies to me. My exam-week doesn't make it much better.. And that my boyfriend will leave me Sunday for three months makes it even worse! He’s going to Costa Rica for an internship. But I hope I can visit him while he is there.

So to bring a little spring (= happiness) to my life, I put on an outfit which I really want to wear outside! (But then without the tights and the big scarf + clogs) Can't wait for that day to arrive :p! 
Hope January is not making you that depressive as it is making me :)! 

xoxo irenee :)!
(ps. don't worry, I will survive ;) )

This is what I'm wearing:
Sweater - H&M trend
Shorts - Mango
Clogs - Primark
Tights & Bag & first shoes - H&M 

23 januari 2011

Outfit // Yesterday


This is what I wore yesterday at a party. I got this new waistcoat from Topshop in sale.Wore it with my H&M dress which I already had for a while. Like the result! Hope you like it too :).

xoxo irene

21 januari 2011

S/S 2011 Musthave #3: The Midi Skirt

Another musthave for spring/summer 2011; The Midi Skirt. While past season we've seen the maxi dress+skirt, this season it is all about the new lenght; the midi. And this is no big surprise with the big 70's trend which is coming up. 

How to wear it: It goes perfect with sheer or lightweight fabric shirts, sleeveless blouses or thick garments as leather or cropped jackets. Heels are welcome underneath, from ankle boots to heeled loafers or some platforms.

I must say, as much as I disliked the trend at first, I like this trend now. So I'm definitely gonna buy one! Hope you like the inspirations!
xoxo irenee
Ps. most pictures are from this lovely blog: http://fancytreehouse.blogspot.com/

You can find the other two trends #1here & #2here

19 januari 2011

Today // Silk Soft Blouse


Well this is what I'm wearing today. The blouse I only bought for 10 euro in sale at H&M! Really happy with it, love the texture. As you maybe have noticed, I'm a big fan of affordable clothes (like H&M, bershka, newlook, primark, topshop). But lately I noticed that there are a lot of bloggers, who went from all affordable clothes, to high-fashion (non-affordable-for-me) clothes. I really think this is a pity, because I really loved the blogs who inspire me with clothes I also can afford. It is not that I don't like the high-fashion clothes, but I don't think I can spend more on a shirt then 60 euro (and that's only when I really really really love a shirt). Maybe if I get older, and earn more money this will change, but for now I can't imagine buying really expensive clothes. I'm wondering how you guys think about this? Do you ever spend a lot of money on 1 item?And what do you think about the new high-fashion blogger trend?

And as some of you might have noticed, I parted my hair in the middle this post and the post before, because I thought it was time for something new with my hair! I always have worn my hair in a side part, but I really love middle parts on other people! But I'm still not sure I like it this way by myself.. what do you think? Part my hair at the middle of do a side part?

Well a lot of questions :p.
Hope you like my outfit! (and again everything is from H&M except from the belt (primark))

xoxo irenee

18 januari 2011

Today // Cool new sweater!

I really adore my new sweater! The texture is so nice and innovative! Never worn something like this before. It looks a bit like a hauberk (in dutch: een maliĆ«nkolder, zo'n ding wat Romeinen vroeger droegen onder hen harnas). And I really love the crossbands on the back! Gives it a chique touch. And I think my bag is adorable too :p. It looks a bit childish which I like. Actually wanted that bag in another color (brown or beige or something like that), but the black one is okey too :). 

I'm a bit tired of studying :( And a bit tired of rainy depressive weather:(. I want summer.. who's with me? 

Well this is what I'm wearing:
Sweater - H&M (spring 2011 collection)
Skirt - H&M
Bag - H&M
Shoes - H&M
hmm I think everything is from H&M haha.
I hope you like my outfit! 
xoxo irenee