31 maart 2011

Ordered // StylebyMarina

First, since my birthday is coming up (Saturday the 2nd of April!), I thought I give myself an early birthday gift (I buy clothes for every excuse).  Bought the dress at this online store called Style by Marina. I wish some angel would bring it to me before I go on holiday this Sunday, but I don't think thats gonna happen.. 

Second. Sorry for the lack of outfit posts! Lately I only bought summer clothing, which I can't wear on the moment, because the weather is still not warm enough.. so I don't have that much to show you on the moment! But since it's getting 22 degrees Saturday, and I go on holiday to Lanzarote, a lot of outfit posts are coming up! So stay tuned ;). 

Hope you like the dress! 
xoxo irene

28 maart 2011

Inspiration // Color my world

Some inspiration I got from a view tumblr sites.
Hope you like it! 
x.o.x.o irene

23 maart 2011

Today // Bohemian rockstar

These are some other pictures I shot Sunday. I am so terrible happy that the weather is finally getting better! I'm really not a winter type of girl. And now I can finally wear some clothes I bought ages ago, like this jacket from Primark!

This is what I'm Wearing:
Jacket - Primark
Shirt - River Island
Shorts - Levi's 
Clogs - Primark 
Necklace - H&M 
Sunglasses - Ray Ban 
Feather earings - eBay

xoxo irene

22 maart 2011

Ordered// H&M

Finally found my dream bikini on the H&M online store yesterday! I love every aspect of it! Besides that I ordered some accessories which I adored for a while :). 
Let's hope I get everything in time, before I go on my holiday to Lanzarote, so I can (hopefully) wear this perfect bikini with some of these accessories!

xoxo irene

20 maart 2011

Today // Sunny Sunday

The weekend is already over, but I hope you all had a great weekend! Mine consisted of chilling, going to the cinema, working, partying, doing some homework and enjoying the sun! So I can say I had a pretty good weekend :).
A friend of mine took some pictures of me today; think they turned out great! I'm wearing my new Ray Ban clubmasters, my homemade wrap skirt, ebay wedges, and a black top and my white cardigan from H&M. (With of course my favorite clutch, watch and nailpolish). Hope you like it!

Peace out.
xoxo irenee

15 maart 2011

What I've been up to.

This is what I've been up to the last days:

1. Traveling. I booked two holidays! First I'm going to Lanzarote with my parents, from 03 April till 10 April.

Then I'm going to Berlin with my best friend, from 12 April till 15 April! Another city that was on my list of "city's I definitely have to visit this year".

2. Homework.  I've been really busy for school. We had to do an assignment were we had to come up with our own wine, and make a good marketing communication strategy for it. I've tried to design a nice bottle, logo and some ads:
3. Sewing Class. Further, I'm also following some sewing classes with a friend. I allready made my own maxi skirt (which look like crap while it is way to short :( ), and I'm trying to make another skirt now.
4. Missing my boyfriend who is still far far away in Costa Rica. 
5. Selling my stuff. Voor de Nederlanders; ik heb weer wat kleren op mijn marktplaats gezet :). Neem eens een kijkje: http://verkopers.marktplaats.nl/7551364

Well that's what I've been up to. ;)
xoxo irene

9 maart 2011

This is what I wore today :). I bought this neon pink shirt at Zara last week. Really wanted the neon pink pants from Zara, but unfortunately the pants was sold out in my size :(. bummer. I'm wearing the shirt with my H&M skirt and H&M white cardigan. 
Hope you like it! 
xoxo irene

8 maart 2011

Inspiration // Random

A bunch of pictures I like again.
And who don't know the story of the picture with Christian the lion, you must see this video:
It's the sweetest thing EVER! 

xoxo irene