27 juli 2010


This month I was featured on a couple of sites! And I wanted to share them with you. I also had an interview with girlscene.nl! Which will be published sometime late August! I'm very excited for that! 

And I'm going to Chersonissos the day after tomorrow!! That's gonna be lots of fun. So I won't be able to update my blog for about a week. 

Look of the day on Fabsugar.com

Look of the day on Fabsugar.com

Look of the day on Fabsugar.com

Featured in Hypeed Magazine

26 juli 2010

This ain't a love song this is goodbye.

It's rainy weather all over again, I miss the sun already. But happily I'm going to Chersonissos upcoming Thursday!! I'm really excited about that, that's just what I need on the moment. Today I wear my new blazer from the H&M and this new Necklace also bought there. I really like the fabric and the print of this blazer. Hope you like it :)! 

24 juli 2010

The over-sized white blouse!

I think that a must-have for this time of the year is the over-sized white blouse. I had already seen it on many blogs, and I just had to have one myself. On my shopping spree in Amsterdam this white blouse directly caught my eye, and it only costed me €9,95 !! Yess. On the pictures I'm also wearing my new wedges I bought on Ebay a while a go! They look exactly the same as the one I saw on the webshop of Tophsop (see picture), but they are muchhh cheaper (about €25 euro). So that's another yess!
Hope you like the look!

23 juli 2010

It's the climb.

This is what I wore today:
Jacket - River Island (love those shoulders and army look)
Necklace- H&M
Black vest - H&M
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Primark

One advice I've got from a follower: Always dress your best when your feeling shitty. (thank you for the advice, it does help!) Hope you like it!! 

xx irene

21 juli 2010

Nude Colors


Another outfit post. I'm really wearing this skirt a lot, but I really really like it. Besides that, I feel miserable :(, just got dumped by my boyfriend. And he cheated on me on vacation :( :(.

Any tips how I can get over a boy??? I'm going crazy, and I have simply no clue how to get over him on the moment.. Help Help.

Life sucks, sometimes..

Shoes- Pieces
Skirt- Queenswardrobe
Shirt- H&M

19 juli 2010


It was all sunny weather all over again. So I took a good look in my closet and found this cute skirt that I haven't really wore at all! Bought it as a dress by Zara, but it broke down soon :( So now I'm forced to wear it as a skirt, but I like the result :)! What do you think? 

xx irene 

17 juli 2010

My brothers wedding!

A few weeks a go, my brother got married (first picture: the newly weds)!! It took a while before I got the pictures (they went on their honeymoon). But finally I got them. On the day I wore this lovely red dress of the H&M garden collection. It was the perfect romantic dress for a wedding. Wore it with some high heels from Pieces. It was a great day!

16 juli 2010


Quick look of the day update, cause i'm really really tired. Spend my whole day shopping in Amsterdam today! Bought some really really nice pieces which I definitely will show you soon!
This is what a wore a few days a go, really like the denim trend this season, can't get enough of it!
Hope you like it!!

xx irene

13 juli 2010

Tapered Trousers

Sale. Maybe my favorite time of the year. Especially sale in summer. But thats just because i love summer.
Bought this trousers by Zara with a 50% discount, and I'm really happy with it. Really love the color of it. The tee I also bought recently, just a simple shirt that everyone should own.

Hope you like it :)
xx irene

- tee: H&M
- pants: Zara
- gladiator sandals- H&M

12 juli 2010

Chiffon Skirt

I've already shown you this look, but with really bad pictures. So here's my lovely chiffon skirt ones again, with better pictures! Hope you like it!

Love, Irene

9 juli 2010

Flowers and Lace

Is it the weather thats making me this happy, or are the beautiful clothes that I can wear during this weather. I really love this pictures (thank you photographer!!). Really happy with this tee from QueensWardrobe.com. Hope you like the pictures :)

Have a sunny day fellow bloggers!

Love, irene

7 juli 2010

In the Lace.

After it has been a damn cold winter, it seems like its going to be a really great summer. So it's gone with all the black clothes in my wardrobe ( I hardly wear any color in winter), and Hello to all the white and color!! I really like to wear dresses and shorts in summer, and really liking the Lace trend on the moment. Wearing my white lace dress from H&M on the pictures, what do you think of it? And what's your favorite trend this summer??  

Score ireneexx's contribution - fashion magazine by real people

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5 juli 2010

Found my photographer!

A few days a go I told my best friend about the blogging I've been doing lately. And about the lack of decent pictures I've got from my clothes. Of course he directly wanted to help me shooting some good pictures. And I can tell you, they are great!! (thank you thank you dearest friend!!). A few days a go I posted about this lovely jumpsuit I bought in the ELLE store, and finally I can show you guys how it looks on person. 

I'm totally in love with the jumpsuit, and the fabric feels like heaven on the body. What do you think of it :D? 

Jumpsuit - ELLE 
Necklace - Pieces
Shoes - Vila

2 juli 2010

I need my photographer!

Sorry for the bad pictures, there was no one near who could photograph me :(
But to keep you guys updated, this is what I wore yesterday. I finally received my chiffon skirt from Queens Wardrobe, and I totally love it. Besides that, I bought this really pretty bag from Zara yesterday (pic 2)!  I also received the Snow Ring from Queens Wardrobe (picture 3). Really like the (to) big rings! What do you think about the whole look??

Next time I promise it will be decent pictures again!

Top- H&M
Skirt- Queens Wardrobe
Ring - Queens Wardrobe
Shoes- H&M
Bag - Zara
Nail-polish - Hema