31 december 2010


I want to wish you all a happy 2011!! 
This is what I'm wearing tonight, my sequin top, with my leather look pants, and a cardigan with strong shoulders (and my worn-out party shoes).  
Have a great night! Don't drink too much, and if you do, drink champagne, then you don't get a huge hangover tomorrow ;). 

Best wishes for 2011,
xoxo irene

30 december 2010

This was 2010

This year I started bloggin, and I'm really happy I did. I have discovered a whole new side of myself, and i'm glad i did. It was a good year. I had a lot of outfit posts, been featured a few times on different sites, had an interview with girlscene.nl (here) and had a lot of fun with my friends. A few highlights: reached almost 100 followers on bloglovin, reached over 250 followors on google-following, my interview with girlscene, my feature on the cover of hypeed magazine, over 10.000 visitors in a month, and a feature in the "real" magazine Yes.

I want to thank you all for watching/following my blog, and leaving those sweet comments!! 
They really mean a lot to me, and keep me motivated to blog even more! 
Hope to see you all in 2011 and I hope my blog will even be better then!! 

Have a wonderful 2011!! 

Lots of love, irene

28 december 2010

Baby, I think I'm in love

I'm dying to get this perfect Alexander Wang clutch. O I wish I were a rich girl...

24 december 2010

Have a sparkling christmas!

I want to wish you all a very happy, joyful, white, merry christmas. 
Full of love, friends, family and happiness. 

Lots of love,

21 december 2010

Party //

This is what I wore this weekend. I had a party of my niece and her boyfriend. And afterwards we went to a nightclub called Bill's Bar. I think it's a perfect christmas- going-out-fit too. Love that it has those little puff sleeves, and the fitting is perfect. I bought this shirt in Sale, and it only costed me 10 euro! 

So this is what I'm wearing:
Shirt - Vero Moda
Top, necklace, bracelets - H&M
Leather look pants - Only
Cardigan - Bershka
Shoes - Bullboxer 

Now I'm off, doing some more homework...
But tonight I'm going to the Christmas Parade of SBS6 in Enschede :)
And do a little Christmass shopping with my boytoy
Enjoy the shortest day of the year today ;)! 
xoxo irene

20 december 2010

New Stuff //

I bought some new stuff lately! On the first picture you can see my new watch (bought at lucardi) and nailpolish from Pieces (lovin the color). I wanted to buy the watch for a while, but I was always doubting about the color. But I'm very happy I finally bought the black one. On the third and fourth picture you can see my new bracelet and hair band, both from H&M. On the fifth picture you can see my new necklace (a present from my brother :) ). And on the last picture you can see a sneak preview of my new lace top I bought in sale for only 10 euro. I will show you a outfit post soon. 

Everyone enjoying holidays?
I'm not enjoying it that much on the moment, got loads of homework to do :( so I'm busy for the rest of the year (this sounds a little bit to depressive :-p)
No I will survive ;) I also have some fun stuff to do! 

Enjoy your holidays! 
xoxo irenee

16 december 2010

Today // New sweater.

H&M knitted jumper
H&M pants
H&M shoes
H&M headband

(Yes I do like H&M ;) )

14 december 2010

Today // Some Sequin

Today I'm wearing something simple, I must study all day, so don't have to dress up :). I found this sweater somewhere in the back of my closet. I totally forgat that I had this sweater. The sweater is from the H&M collection of last year. And I still think it's a very cute sweater. In addition, it's a comfortable sweater too. So ideal for a cold study day. Wearing it with my black skirt from New Yorker and some thermal leggings from Action.

xoxo irene

10 december 2010

My little white christmas tree is standing again :)!

This is what I'm wearing today;
blue cardigan, shirt, skinny, and shoes - H&M
Bag and belt - Primark

Can't wait for christmas! Love that holiday. 

xoxo irene

7 december 2010

I ♥ this webshop

A while ago I discovered this great webshop; www.modekungen.se/en/. It is originally a Swedish shop, but recently you can watch it in English. And the best part is, this shop ships worldwide. The upper dress I will probably buy for Christmas! I'am in love with it (I love glitter haha).

Here is where you can find the shop: www.modekungen.se/en/

Hope you enjoy the store :)
xoxo irene

6 december 2010

Today// Pearls with snowboots

What I'm wearing today:
Sweater - H&M
Skirt - H&M
Thermo Legging - Action
Shoes - ? (from a small shop in Hengelo)

xoxo irene

4 december 2010


I know it's not even winter. But when I first saw this spring/summer collection from H&M, I had to share my favorites with you! It looks like a great collection to me and I can not wait until February! The collection has much minimalist and classic pieces, but with a modern twist. These are some characteristics of the collection:

Long and loose or short and sharp

Misty make-up tones, navy, white, beige, yellow and pink

Flowers, animal prints, graphic prints

Stonewashed cotton and Tencel, suede, linen mix, fine jersey, chiffon and voile, organic and recycled materials

Trousers in different shapes and styles, maxi dress, jersey top, blazer jacket

Natural leather bag, belt, sandals and clogs
information from H&M.com

 So little change with the summer collection of last year, so don't get rid off all your summer stuff and save it till next summer ;)

xoxo irene