30 oktober 2010

Look of the day.

This is what I'm wearing:

Knitted cardigan - Bershka
Leather shorts - Zara
Tights & shirt - H&M
Circle scarf  - Pieces
Shoes - Ebay

25 oktober 2010

Look of the day.

Nothing special today, really looking forward for my first salary so I can buy some new stuff. Did all the dutch people already heard that ZARA is going to open the online shop for us on November 4th?!!?! Omygod, I am so happy. (like realy realy happy)

xoxo irene

21 oktober 2010

Hey, I put some new shoes on :-)!

So these are my new beauty's! Me is happy! Bought them by schuurman schoenen :). 

By the way, because my shop my fashion findings was a bit of a succes, I opened a new webstore, it's called IFFI, and you can find it here! I only send to the netherlands on the moment, but maybe in the future I go global :)! 

have a nice day! 
xoxo irene

19 oktober 2010

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I finally have a new job! The vacature at Pieces didn't worked out unfortunaly, but I did found something even better! I'm going to be in the promotion team of Lucky. A cool club in Rijssen, and saturday will be my first working day! So I'm really excited for that. And to celebrate my new job I purchased some really beautiful new pumps which I will show you later!
Now I'm going to take a good beauty sleep and enjoy my last free days ;).
ps. On the picture i'm showing you my favorite jacket :) still love that jacket (from River Island).
xoxo irene

13 oktober 2010

New Pictures

I made this pictures a while a go with my good friend and photographer Tom Wessels, the pictures turned out beautiful, they have a really gothic/fantasylike look. I'm wearing my black sweater from H&M with my black tights and wedges on the picture.

Hope you like the pictures! And don't forget to take a look in my shop

xoxo irene

12 oktober 2010

Faux Fur

I'm loving the faux fur trend this autumn/winter 2010! I already was into it last year, but this years I have bigger plans for it. I'm still searching for the right big warm faux fur coat, to help me get through winter, and another nice fauxfur waistcoat (while this one is a bit to large). 
What do you think of the fake fur trend? Or do you prefer real fur?

xoxo irene

ps I also updated my shop with 3 new items! So take a look here:

11 oktober 2010

Started my own Webshop!!

So I'm glad to tell you that I started my own webshop! On the moment I've got only three fashion finds online, but I promise you there will be more soon! 

So take a look at My Fashion Findings SHOP, and mail me if you are interested.
Hope you like it! 
xoxo irene

10 oktober 2010

Last friday my ASOS cape finally arrived, and I'm really happy with it. I love the print of it, and you can wear it also inside out, for an other color. The cape is really comfy and warm, so great for cold winterdays. Hope you like it! Now I'm off to watch some more "so you think you can dance"! :)

Hope you had a nice weekend!
xoxo irene

7 oktober 2010

Sun, don't leave me!

I wore this a few days ago, when we still had wonderful sunny autumn weather.
Yesterday I went shopping, and I didn't purchased anything(!) . I was looking for the perfect warm tapered trousers, (the one I'm wearing in the pictures is a bit cold for cold/bad weather) but could not find them. Today it is all gray and dreary outside, ideal to take a  look at the online shops to search for the perfect pants and a nice pair of heels. :) Hope I have luck today.

This is what i wore:
Blouse - H&M
Pants - River Island
Shoes - River Island
Bag & belt - Primark

xoxo irene

2 oktober 2010


A few days a go, my friend and I went out to take some new pictures of my new purchases, and the pictures turned out beautiful :). Here I'm wearing my new baseball jacket from Zara. Really like these jackets, they give me an all american feeling. I would still like to have a red baseball jacket! So I keep searching and saving money :P

Hope you like the pictures! 

xoxo irene

Jacket - Zara
Shirt - Zara
Jeans - Only
Wedges - Ebay

Pictures by Tom Wessels