29 juni 2011


Since I have no idea where my camera is, another snapshot from my mobile. 
I'm wearing some red pants/treggings from Pieces, with my off-white shirt from Zara. With some nice sequined pumps I found back yesterday! 
Sorry for the bad pictures! 

(ps. if I look sleepy, that is because I'm not wearing any make-up :p )

xoxo Irene

23 juni 2011


So happy with this shirt I found at H&M. Its a sleeveless blouse with a open back! Perfect :)! It's from the divided collection and only costs 15 euro! 
Combined it rather simple here, with some skinny jeans and my sacha boots. 
And I'm still waiting for my Topshop order I did the 6th of june :(, I think it got lost :( NOO. Tomorrow I'm gonna look at the postoffice, if maybe they have there, but I 'm expecting the worst. 

O and here's a little bit me live in action from the Silent Disco at Freshtival (great great festival).
From 2.45
xoxo irenee

15 juni 2011

15.06 Outfit

What I'm wearing today:
striped shirt - Mango
Red pants: Pieces
Shoes: vintage
Bag: eBay

Hope you like it! 
xoxo irenee

8 juni 2011

08.06 Outfit

I totally forgot I made this pictures! Wore this outfit a while a go, but almost all pictures turned out blurry, so I had decided to not post this outfit. But I found the pictures back again, and found a few who weren't that blurry, so I decided to show you guys this outfit after all.

What I'm wearing:
Shirt - H&M trend
Waistcoat - H&M
Skirt - H&M 
Shoes - Sacha
Cuffs - H&M 

xoxo irenee

7 juni 2011

07.06 Topshop buyings

I couldn't resist buying these things. Can't wait to wrap my arms around these beauties! Totally love the shorts, I think its the perfect short for any festival. The skirt will be wearable with everything, and I really needed a cute dress for summer :). Now hope it will fits well. 

Hope you like my purchases! 
xoxo irenee

6 juni 2011


This is what I wore yesterday. 
Blouse - H&M
Belt - Pieces
Shoes - Sacha

xoxo irenee