27 februari 2011

Coat Crush

I am in love with these two coats. The first is the Burberry biker trench coat, with the leather sleeves, and the second is the Isabel Marant coat, which I have a crush on for weeks now. I'm still looking for some affordable look-a-likes, so if you ever see one, tell me ;) !

23 februari 2011

Today // Did It Myself

I made some own shorts today! Bought some cheap Levi's jeans on Ebay (8 euro), ripped the legs off, and flipped the bottom around, and here is what you get then! The shorts are still a little bit big.. but I think they look nice.. definitely gonna wear them in summer. 

sweater - H&M
belt - Pieces
shorts - Levi's

xoxo irenee

19 februari 2011

Today // Do it the bohemian way.

My outfit of yesterday:
Denim waistcoat - H&M
Sweater - H&M 
Skinny - Only 
Clogs - Primark 
Headband - an old tie from my dad.

Now I'm off to work again! 
xoxo irene

16 februari 2011

Today // My own favorites.

Today I thought I would make some pictures of my own favorite stuff! On the first picture you can see my favorite clothes of the moment. You can see the H&M trend sweater, the floral jumpsuit from Primark (which also bought last week),  the long shirt from H&M and the tab leave shirt from Topshop. I love the texture and color of every single piece, so let spring begin so I can wear all. On the third picture you can see a bit of my bedroom, and it gives you a better look of the jumpsuit. On the fourth picture you can see my favorite nail colors. I still like the green/turquoise nail color the most. And in fifth you can see some of my favorite rings! I'm still want a lot of other rings, but great rings never fit my fingers :( (I have a size 15, which is smaller then the smallest adult size).

Hope you like this post, and will it give you a bit spring inspiration :)!

xoxo irene

15 februari 2011

Shopping // New sping/summer jacket.

I wanted to show you my new jacket that I also bought at Primark last week. Had a same sort of jacket this winter, but I also wanted a good parka for this spring/summer! Bought this one for only 21 euro :)! I'm wearing it with my Primark shoes, and H&M skirt and top.
Hope you had a great valentine's day yesterday!

xoxo irenee 

13 februari 2011

Today // Touch of leopard.

Hellooo helloo! So this is what I'm wearing today.. well, to be honest, actually yesterday, but I was really late for work, so I had to hurry a bit! That's also the reason for the lack of updates. Worked a lot this week, and I had to do my homework too! On the pictures I'm wearing my new black skinny from primark (only 11 euro!), and this one fits really well! My last pair of normal black skinnys was damaged after I had worn it twice :(. So I was really happy with this new cheap pair of good fitting black jeans. Besides that I'm still in love with my leopard clutch, the only thing thats annoying about it, is the fact that it is impossible to take it with me when I'm with my bike. And in the Netherlands, we cycle a lot :p. 

Well I'm now going to try to do some homework... And I'm going to try to post more the coming week ;)
Enjoy your sunday! 
 xoxo irene

10 februari 2011

Today // New Primark Purchases

I finally got some worker boots! Hurray! Bought them at Primark in Hoofddorp, where it was weird enough not that crowded! So great substitution for the one in Rotterdam. I also bought this denim shirt at the Primark (and a bunch of other stuff which I will show you soon).  I was looking for a good fitting denim shirt for a while, so I was happy they still had one in my size.
Tomorrow I'm going to the cinema with a friend of mine, does anyone have some recommendations for a good movie;)? Seen love and other drugs already (which was a good movie, especially because Jake Gyllenhaal was in it ;) ).

Hope you like my new purchases! 
xoxo irene

6 februari 2011

Outfit// Going out.

You all had a good weekend? Mine was good! Finally got a new phone (Samsung Galaxy S), which I'm already totally obsessed with. Did some working, and I went out with some friends to a local club. This is what I wore on Saturday (H&M blouse, ONLY black skinnies and H&M shoes). I'm excited for this week! Tomorrow I'm having my first sewing lesson with a friend of mine, can't wait to finally make some own clothes! And Tuesday I finally get to do some shopping again, think I'm going to the Primark in Hoofddorp, hope it's not too crowded there as it is every time in Rotterdam... and maybe later do some shopping in Amsterdam. 

Hope you had a nice weekend :)! 
xoxo irene

4 februari 2011

Inspiration // Summer

These are some spring/summer pictures which I really really love. I just can't wait for the sun to come back in my life. Hope these pictures get you that inspired as it got me :)!
xoxo irene

Pictures from: style by kling, tumblr, late afternoon, look-closer.com

3 februari 2011

H&M // The Conscious Collection

This April, H&M is coming with a brand-new line called the Conscious Collection. As you all know H&M is no stranger to sustainable clothing, and this line will incorporate eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton,Tencel, and recycled polyester. "It's not just about organic cotton any more, the possibilities for creating a complete fashion statement with eco smarter materials are huge now. By designing recurring Conscious Collections we have the opportunity to show in a variety of ways what's possible using more sustainable fabrics," explains Ann-Sofie Johansson, H&M head of design. 

These are my favorites, you can find all pictures on http://www.hmconsciouscollection.com/ This collection will be available in H&M stores from April 14. I really like the collection, and the prices are really great to! (you can also find these on the website) So what do you think of the collection? 
xoxo irene