31 maart 2010

Got it!

I knew for a while that H&M would come with a new collection, the garden collection. So I did everything to get the best clothes from this collection. I arrived in good spirits in the H&M the day the collection came out, 9:30 opening time. I sprint up the escalator, I saw the many of clothes from the collection, but just the 2 dresses that I so often wish they had they diddnt had them :(  I still bought that day 2 nice dresses. Images below.

But I would love to have those two dresses I waited for for so long! Thank god there's ebay and marktplaats. So finally I have my favorite dresses from the collection and have 2 other purchases made really nice! Thank you H&M!

22 maart 2010

I've got a new camera! Its redish/pink and I totally love it. 

20 maart 2010

Hairextensions :D

I've had a while real hair extensions. But because my hair really went to pieces, I had to find something else. I did some searching on the internet and came across the clip-in extensions! This extensions you don't glue to you're hair, but you have to clip it in to you're hair. After watching a few youtube movies, about how to confirm it to you're hair, I was convinced. So I immediately searched on ebay for right clip-ins, and here is the result!

10 maart 2010


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Look of the day.

This is what i wore today, hope you guys like it as much as I do.
I got this denim-look shirt from the blues collection from H&M, and I totally adore it. 

7 maart 2010

Got it!

Yes Yes Yes! Finally I found it. The panty I was looking for, the one with the cute little dots. Hopefully he appears Monday on my doormat! 

6 maart 2010

Got to have it.

In this section I will give you guys an update of the clothes, shoes, etc, that is got to have!
So here is my first gottohaveit: 
It's a denim jacket from the H&M, but unfortunately sold out :(. 
So if you guys can tell me where I can buy it, please do!


Hello everyone,

Probably no one reads my blog at this moment, but I hope that this will change in the future. I will introduce myself, my name is Irene Nijland. I'm 21 years old and living in the Netherlands. I love nice clothes, but clothes have to remain affordable since I'm just a poor student. Hopefully you en joy my blog. 

xoxo, Irene.