30 augustus 2010

Rock on!

I'm back from London, with an empty wallet and a lot of new clothes! What a great stores do they have there; Primark, New look, River Island and Topshop, couldn't be better! In the pictures I'm wearing my new top from Topshop, with a black jeans from H&M and some studded boots from Primark.

And probably a lot of you have seen it already, but I had an interview with Girlscene.nl about a month a go, and finally it is published :D here is the link to it: http://www.girlscene.nl/?tag=Irene 

Hope you like it! And hello to all the new followers! :D you make me smile. 

Love, Irene. 

26 augustus 2010

Fell in love with a panther.

Really am in love with the panther print trend this fall! And luckily for me, I found the PERFECT chiffon-panther-print blouse! And it only cost me 15 euro, while I wanted to buy another blouse from Queenswardrobe.com for 60 euro. Thank god there is H&M.

Now I'm of to London to do somewhat more shopping!

Lovee Irene

24 augustus 2010

Dis some shopping!

Last weekend I went to Amsterdam with 11 friends of mine! We had an amazing time together! We stayed in this really nice hostel right next to the Vondelpark! And we had the best weather we could hope for, of course I did next to all the partying, also a bit shopping. Love to shop in Amsterdam, they have like all my favorite shops in one street! In the pictures I'm wearing my new jumpsuit that I bought for only 10 euro!! Really happy with that. And my new knitted beige cardi from the Bershka. Also bought this new blue nail polish, really love that color.

And I almost bought the grey Triwa horloge from the last post, I went all the way to the Bijenkorf, I putted on the grey watch with this to big smile on my face, but unfortunate it was to big for my wrist! =( I have like these really tiny hands and wrists, and the clock of the watch was just to big for my wrist, the clock sticked out on both sides :( that sucked big time. But after all, I did do some good shopping, and had an amazing weekend!

knitted cardi - Bershka
Jumpsuit - Bershka
Belt - Pieces
Necklace - Pieces
Gladiator sandals - H&M
Nailpolish - H&M
Owl ring - H&M

Love, Irene

16 augustus 2010

I lost myself in us.

This is what I wore 2 days a go, while the sun was still shining. Wore my Mango denim shorts, with a H&M white shirt with some lace accents, and my topshop look-a-like wedges i've got from ebay.
And I've got a huge problem! (not really huge, but it's a problem) I've been wanting to buy a Triwa watch for ages, and I think the day has come that I actually go and buy it. But I'm really in doubt about the color, you must help me out here. Which one do you prefer:

The coral one
Or the white one: 

Hope you like the outfit, and can give me some help :)!
Love Irene

14 augustus 2010

Don't give up on me baby.

I've been neglecting my blog a bit since I came back from Hersonissos, I've been partying way to much, but hey it's holiday ;). Still haven't did any shopping :(. But I haven't show you this chino I bought recently! I think it's the most comfortable pants I've got in my closet, but still it looks chic. Next weekend I am going to Amsterdam! Definitely will do some shopping there, the weekend after that I'm going to London!! Definitely gonna do some more shopping over there! So a lot of blog updates will come ;). 

And I haven't even welcomed all the new followers yet!!! So welcome ! ;D and thank you so much for following :D Made me really happy!

Chino - River Island
Shirt - Zara 

And i'm already studying for my last exam, but it really goes terrible with all the partys and my kitten who doesn't let me study!! haha my annoying cat always sits on my keyboard when I'm trying to do homework  :(

11 augustus 2010


 Quick post update, because I'm going to a really lame party in Hellendoorn, an even smaller city then the city I live in, haha. I'm wearing my Zara checker shirt from last season wich I still really adore. And ofcourse wearing my new favourite wedges from Ebay

I'm off! Lovee Irene

ps. this hansom guy, is my photographer! He's the best :)!

9 augustus 2010

Missing the sun

I'm only 3 days back in Holland, and my holiday already feels like years a go :(. The weather is bad, and I'm already studying for my final exam.. blegh. Besides that I haven't even shopped in weeks! So tomorrow I definitely will do that! So the outfit I posted today is something I've worn a lot lately; wedges from Vila, some nice denim ripped shorts from mango, a lovely silk tee from H&M, and my anchor necklace! Hope you like it :)! 


7 augustus 2010

I'm back!!

I'm back! Chersonissos was really amazing! And I already miss it so badly!! I had the best time of my life, sleeping about 4 hours a night and party whole day long!! We had the best sea view of our balcony, I have seen the sunrise to many times, had a lot of great cocktails, and the people there where amazing :)! Wish I could go back! Because pictures say more then a thousand words, I stop typing and show you the pictures ;) 

Love, Irene

Having a great time on starbeach!

Our balcony view =D

The good life!

a bit of summer romance
Much laughing 

Lots of Tequilla Sunrise!!