9 augustus 2010

Missing the sun

I'm only 3 days back in Holland, and my holiday already feels like years a go :(. The weather is bad, and I'm already studying for my final exam.. blegh. Besides that I haven't even shopped in weeks! So tomorrow I definitely will do that! So the outfit I posted today is something I've worn a lot lately; wedges from Vila, some nice denim ripped shorts from mango, a lovely silk tee from H&M, and my anchor necklace! Hope you like it :)! 


7 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuk leuk leuk! Volgende week maandag is er het A-feest. Dat is altijd wel leuk! Ik moet dinsdag van 7:00 tot 10:30 werken, dus dat is ook wel vol te houden. Kun je dan?

  2. Really great post, love it!


  3. wauw echt geweldige outfit!
    en super blog, ik volg je:)

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