20 december 2010

New Stuff //

I bought some new stuff lately! On the first picture you can see my new watch (bought at lucardi) and nailpolish from Pieces (lovin the color). I wanted to buy the watch for a while, but I was always doubting about the color. But I'm very happy I finally bought the black one. On the third and fourth picture you can see my new bracelet and hair band, both from H&M. On the fifth picture you can see my new necklace (a present from my brother :) ). And on the last picture you can see a sneak preview of my new lace top I bought in sale for only 10 euro. I will show you a outfit post soon. 

Everyone enjoying holidays?
I'm not enjoying it that much on the moment, got loads of homework to do :( so I'm busy for the rest of the year (this sounds a little bit to depressive :-p)
No I will survive ;) I also have some fun stuff to do! 

Enjoy your holidays! 
xoxo irenee

21 opmerkingen:

  1. SImpele maar hele leuke items! Onder de kerstboom staat bij mij een doos vol Pieces nagellak :D

  2. heel leuke spulletjes!
    prachtige nagellakkleur:)

  3. Leuke spulletjes, dat horloge is echt gaaf! <3

  4. Love your purchases!
    The watch is really pretty!
    Hope you'll get a chance to somehow enjoy your holidays in between you homework:)

    Xx Jorien

  5. die laatste top heb ik ook, maar dan in het wit! de fit is echt super mooi vind ik! very lovely items!

  6. Ziet er leuk uit je lace top! Is dat die van de Vero Moda? Verder ook leuke spulletjes :)

    xx Cristi

  7. @cristi: Klopt ja! Van de Vero Moda :).
    @ suz: Ja die had ik ook nog gezien! En inderdaad, hij sluit echt perfect aan.
    @Glamour bbey: ik ben jaloers. haha
    Thanks iedereen :)

  8. LOVE your watch sooo much!! Looks beautiful and i love your nails!!

  9. Superleuke, nieuwe spulletjes!


  10. Aah leuke dingetes heb je gekocht :D
    Dat horloge is gaaf!

  11. Mooie dingen heb je gekocht zeg!Veel plezier ermee!X