22 juni 2013

The End of Google Reader!

News broke on Wednesday that Google Reader would cease to exist on July 1st as part of Google’s “Spring Cleaning” initiative! This means you can't follow any blogs by google reader any more :(. Luckily there are some great alternatives.  If you still want to follow my blog you can follow me on Facebook and Bloglovin: 

Facebook - Follow me here: www.facebook.com/myfashionfindings

Bloglovin - Follow me here:http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/2130391/

By the way, If you follow many blogs with google reader and you don't want to loose them, you can import all those blogs in Bloglovin. How? Read this: http://www.thekimmiechronicles.com/2013/06/replacing-google-friend-connect-with.html

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