12 juli 2012

Need your help!

I'm am so happy to share with you that I'm one of the five finalist of the Nelly's next blogger contest (!!) I never expected to be one of the finalist of this competition, it really made my day! I would love to blog for Nelly! 

So now I really need the help of all my dearest blog readers
If you think that I deserve to win please VOTE HERE! 

Besides making me extremely happy, you can also win a 250 euro gift voucher from Nelly itself! So vote vote vote (A)! 

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Heb voor je gestemd, ben fan van je!

  2. Fingers Crossed! May the best blog win! Love your blog but couldn't vote, because I am also one of the finalists, haha! But I really love your blog though!


  3. Oh wat gaaf zeg, gefeliciteerd! En succes hihi X