3 september 2011

0309 Need your help! + Selling some stuff

As some of you might have read, BloggersWardrobe approached me a while a go with the news that there was still an open spot left for a few more participating blogs. And they thought my blog could qualify. Well I got to the second part of the competition. And thats where I need your help!

The second part of the competition is on Facebook. I need to get as many as possible likes on my photograph! 

It would be great if you could all vote for me !!
Here is the link where you can vote on me:

And if this one does'nt work, you have to like BloggersWardrobe firs: which you can do here:
And there you can also find my picture at their picture section! 

Further for the dutch people:
Ik heb weer eens een grote kastopruiming gehouden (ja het was hard nodig). Dus heb weer wat spulletjes op marktplaats gedropt. 
Alles kan je hier: http://verkopers.marktplaats.nl/7551364 vinden.

xoxo ireneee :D

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