5 augustus 2011


This monday I got an email from the project manager of Studio Total. He told me that they are working on their biggest project so far, called "Bloggers Wardrobe". They already gathered the best bloggers in the world as a part of this. Maybe you already saw this on a couple of blogs, cause they all met a week ago at the waldorf Astoria in New York for a pre-launch party. Watching this posts I was jealous as usually ;). But this monday a big suprise came to me! The project manager told me there is still an opening for a few more participating blogs. And they thought my blog could qualify!!! (YEAHHEHEHHE)

Well I really hope I will be part of this community in the future. It seems like a great oppertunity to get even more involved with other bloggers and keep you guys updated about all the new fashion trends in the future.

Want to know more about Bloggers Wardrobe and the participating blogs? Check out their site: www.BloggersWardrobe.com

xoxo irenee

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